Friday, 26 April 2013

Keeping Musical Instruments in a Self Storage Facility to Free up Space in the Home

Musical instruments are expensive and need to be taken care of well. Unfortunately, many people may live in dense, built up environments in small houses and they may not have the space to store their instruments and sound proofing to practice. The self storage facility can be a good option.
The making of music is almost as old as the first human that discovered pleasant sounds. It can be argued human beings are genetically inclined to make music. However, genetically inclined or not, the truth remains that people today may not tolerate your band practicing “Sweet Child of Mine” over and over or the still bad playing of your clarinet solo from “The Mission”. That, and apartments might not even have space for an entire drum set. If you face such a situation, do consider the self storage facility as a place to keep your instruments and to practise with your band. Here are some advantages to using the self storage facility.
1. Convenience
Many of the facilities have branches all over your state so you don’t have to go far to find one. However, you might have to ask the owner if it’s possible to practise in the unit you rent. It usually isn’t a problem but do check anyway just in case.
2. Noise (or the license to)
The last thing a musician needs is to control his own volume. You may annoy your neighbours at home but you don’t annoy anyone at the facility. Most people are there to pick up their goods or store them so you can make as much noise and mistakes you want over there.
3. Space
Of course, you have all the space to yourself to use. You don’t have to worry about your drum sticks or the bow of your double base hitting the wall. If you have a band, you can even opt for a bigger unit.

With these advantages, don’t rule out using one of the self storage facilities for your band practise. However, do take note that the maintenance of your instruments is your own responsibility. Your instruments need regular cleaning. Moisture can cause rust, the rosin left on the wood of your violin can damage the wood and the saliva in your flute can be really unhygienic. Always make sure your band and you are disciplined enough to clean your instruments after every practice session.

Keep packets of silica gel in your instrument cases to create a dry environment for the instruments. It might even be a good idea to have packets of silica gel placed in the unit itself to dry out the environment for better maintenance of the instruments.
The drawback to an enclosed unit might be the deafening noise that you are exposed to when playing. A good suggestion could be ear plugs. You need not get industrial ear plugs that cancel out all noise, just normal ear plugs that reduces the impact on your ear drums. A musician’s ear is very important and it is vital not to damage them.