Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Preparation Tips For A Quick House Sale

So you want to see your house quickly? It can be a long process sometimes as competition is tough and it's a buyer's market. There are ways to increase your chances though which involve some elbow grease and hard work, read on for some practical ideas on how to sell your home as quickly as possible.

Selling a house quickly is possible to do, but it involves doing some work to get the result you want and that includes a lot of planning and preparation, organizational skills and even some creativity.

The best way to start is to pack up the things you never use, as you do this task it gives the chance to sort through your things and throw away those items that are old, unnecessary and useless. If you have an attic full of boxes this might be a good place to start, work your way from the top of the house down and concentrate first on storage spaces such as cupboards and closets, the spare room, and the basement or cellar.

Pack the things you intend to keep in cardboard or recycled boxes and if you have the space available stack them neatly in the garage out of the way of prospective buyers prying eyes. It’s actually an even better idea if you store them away from the house at a storage facility where you can rent a self-storage unit very cheaply and leave the property nice and clear of any junk that might distract viewers from the house itself, which is what you want them to see.

Leave those rooms you use the most until last, then clear out drawers and units, clear the counters and remove pictures and photos. The idea in these frequently-used rooms is to have your things organized in such a way they can be quickly hidden or put away when a buyer comes to have a look around. Baskets are attractive and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, whilst storage bins or boxes are great for holding kids toys and larger sized objects.

 The first things people notice about anyone else’s house is how untidy it is and if it’s clean. If you simply don’t have the time or motivation to spring clean the property then spend that money and get the professionals in to do it for you. You’ll be surprised at how fussy potential buyers can be and dirty bathrooms or kitchens are complete turn-offs. Get the carpets cleaned or the floors waxed and make the place shine like it never has before.

Your home has now become a show home, forget that is was once the family home and store away all those personal bits and pieces in boxes ready to be moved into the new place. Home buyers aren’t interested in your family photos, they want to see how much space is available in the living room and if there are enough cupboards in the kitchen.

When people are buying a place they want lots of storage space, this includes the garage too. If your selling literature states, ‘a 2 car garage’, then make sure that is obvious when anyone comes to look. People are very visual and not particularly imaginative! Get any repair jobs completed before putting the house up for sale, wear and tear on a property is not a good look.

Last, but not least, is to sort out the exterior of the property. Think about how your house looks when people see it for the first time. Does the front door need a new coat of paint? Is the garden well-kept and the grass cut? You could easily add some flowers to the front area to make it more appealing.