Monday, 21 October 2013

Common Reasons Why You Might Need Extra Self Storage Space

Years ago, it is not common to hire extra space or what we call now ‘storage space’ for personal reasons. It is usually considered and done for business purposes, including inventory, during renovation to store the pieces of furniture to give way for such, and during a move when equipment and pieces of furniture are expensive to sell and to buy again. 

Even when using storage for inventory, only usually big business would allocate space in their layout. Now, hiring extra self storage around Brisbane is becoming more and more common and the reasons behind it often share a lot of common ground. It is no longer just a business purpose, but it has become personal and an extension of someone’s personal life.

Here are the top reasons people need self storage or other self storage solutions:

  • More space - the more you can put into storage, the more room you will have in your home. Many people still want to keep some furniture and other items but may not want to use them in their home. There are some pieces of furniture, especially the antique or valuable ones that may not blend well in the design of your home, but are too valuable to just give away. Hence, you might want to just keep them until when you find a new home for these.
  • Moving house - there can often be some down time between moving out of a current address and moving into a new home. This usually happens when you are in the finishing touches in your new home that you can’t put your items yet. Also, it happens when you are putting your old place for rent or for sale, and you need viewers to have a better perspective in seeing the space of the home. Without clutter, they could envision how they want to set up their new home. For these kinds of instances, short term storage is the perfect solution.
  • Protect goods - storage can help you protect collectibles as well as antiques that you just don't have room for at home. Security and safety of storage facilities have become a standard requirement. Storage units are usually stored in fully-gated and secure warehouses, and only authorized representatives and personnel are allowed to access these units. Storage facilities are often more secure than keeping items in the garage or shed.
  • Spare equipment - businesses (especially kitchens and caterers) have a lot of extra equipment that they don’t need all the time. Storage lets businesses keep equipment they will need in the busier seasons out of the way during quiet times.
  • Inventory storage – this does not only apply to big businesses but also small entrepreneurs. As a small business, you would usually have an office space or even do it at home. Having a storage facility, even if it is small, you provide an extension for your office space by storing your inventory in these facilities.
  • Renting out your current space while travelling – this usually happens when people are thinking of long periods of travel and they would like to rent out their current place while they are away. And by doing so, you do not want to leave all your belongings to the new occupants. You only want to leave the basics and keep your very personal belongings on portable storage units. Usually, you will get a net profit from it, where the cost of renting mobile storage units is lesser compared to the rental income you get.

The list may not be comprehensive, but it gives an example of what are the common reasons of engaging a storage facility. From the list, you can see that there is an common underlying reason, which is extending your living or working space. Hiring storage has become more common and it is no longer expensive. And nowadays, it is even easier and more convenient to rent one. That is why, more and more people are utilizing portable self storage units now than before.