Thursday, 24 October 2013

Packing and Storing a Refrigerator

There are certain items in every household that need extra care and attention to move them safely and without causing any damage. Large size mattresses and sofas are a couple of such items, and heavy appliances such as refrigerators are another.  When you want to move your refrigerator to a new home or place it into self storage, then it’s a case of getting the right equipment together to do the job and get it out of the house and to where it’s going without causing damage.

Start by getting hold of a heavy duty trolley with safety straps to make the move much easier, it’s possible to rent these from equipment supply places. If it has to be lifted down stairs, consider renting a trolley with three wheels on each side, as it will be easier to pull down the steps.

Before you start moving the fridge, make sure it is completely defrosted and cleaned out. Any food left inside will soon start to smell and decompose and the smell can get pretty bad if left for a long time. The same applies if the fridge isn’t cleaned out properly and remnants of food are left in the corners or stuck to the shelves. Unplug it and leave it overnight to defrost before giving it a good clean, including the extra parts inside such as the shelves and egg holders.

Use tape to secure the shelves inside the fridge unless you decide to remove them and pack them separately, if you do then ensure you put them somewhere safe where you can find them again once settled in to your new place. Use rope to fasten the doors so they don't swing open when you are taking it out of the house or on the move as this could damage them. Make sure the electrical cord is also secured, either under the machine or by taping it to the back of the fridge. If you leave a fridge with the doors closed for a long time mould can start to form so if this is the case then leave the doors ajar until the actual moving day so air can get inside.

Slowly lever the trolley under the fridge from the back and shimmy it right under until the trolley can easily be tilted back. Use at least two people to move it out of the house - one to help guide it from the front and one to push the trolley. Take things slowly, especially if you have to negotiate stairs.

It is possible to lay a refrigerator flat on its back in order to move it; however this can cause it to be damaged much more easily than moving it in the stand-up position. There is a possibility when in a horizontal position that oil can seep into the cooling tubes which you don’t want as this could result in the fridge not cooling as effectively as it should.